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Monday, March 25, 2013

The Five Keys of Manifesting Change

The Five Keys of Manifesting Change

Article by Rainya Dann, as published in Santa Cruz's Connections Magazine April 2013

Barbara Walters was interviewing multi–billionaire Bill Gates and asked him, “Now that you’re the richest man in the world and you can have anything you desire, what more could you possibly want?” Gates replied, “To never stop changing. Whatever I do today, will be considered history tomorrow. I have to make sure that I never stop changing, and that I am always creating.”

This time of year, when taxes and Springtime are on our minds, we naturally reflect on how to make our financial and personal lives more fruitful. I want to share with you the five key concepts I use to help my clients consciously bringing forth changes that they want.

A first key is to have a clear vision about a goal. Goals are energetic attractors. Envision yourself doing the thing you want. One famous phrase the Buddha repeated over and over again is "all that we are is the result of what we have thought."

A second powerful key is to set your intent. "Intent" comes from the Latin "intendo" which means to "stretch forward." Say, "I wish I could go to my car." Now say, "I intend to go to my car. " Notice how "intending" is more empowering than "wishing."
A third key is to become aware of your limiting beliefs and change them into beliefs of empowerment. The Oracle of Delphi said that the key to bringing forth what you want is in "knowing thyself." This includes knowing what your limitations are and what empowers you. Recently, one client of mine uncovered his limiting belief that "you have to work hard for your money" and we changed it to "money comes quickly and easily to me." I guided him through an NLP "Four Step Belief Change Process" that released his limiting, subconscious memories. After that day he attracted new, positive experiences around wealth.

A fourth key is to gain closure in all areas of your life by cleaning up past unresolved issues. You may hold issues with people, places or things that create anger, betrayal, jealousy, or other negative emotions. To let go of those emotions first acknowledge what you feel, honor it, then consciously say, "I choose to let it go."

A fifth key is to trust in the morphogenetic field of all possibilities. The word morphogenesis means "beginning of form" and implies that all living systems reside within an energetic field where synchronicity and exciting "coincidences" happen. Trust in positive possibilities!

I trust these five keys can help you be the powerful creator of your own future. You can harness the creative potential that exists within the seed of a plant or the mind of a billionaire. Whenever you catch yourself with a negative thought, just say, "DELETE." Then say, "I choose, trust and know....then visualize what you do want. You will be amazed at the new changes you attract to your life!
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