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I am on a mission to offer healing, transformation and empowerment:  I work with people who have unresolved pain from the past that is holding them back... I give tools to people who feel stuck and don't know how to get free... I inspire people to break through their frustrations because they are not living their truth...  In my trainings, weekend seminars and one-on-one sessions with my private clients I have found a way to help people make quick, profound and lasting changes. I offer tools and techniques which empower people to realize their dreams and live more fulfilling lives. I teach inspired proven methods for moving beyond conflicts, creating more choices, and relaxing into natural intimacy in relationships. I'm passionate about supporting my students and clients through the process of creating joyful, enriching lives.

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Access Creative Vision - Workshop Dec 8 2012

Access Creative Vision (Workshop)

Join Rainya Dann and Susan Heinz, December 8th 2012

Take a personal journey to
"Release the Old and Anchor Your Intention for 2013"
Astrologer Susan Heinz and Hypnotherapist Rainya Dann take you on a personal journey to release the old and anchor your intention for 2013, as we access our highest creative and visionary abilities together...

Saturday December 8th 2012 10am-5pm $70 
At the Center for Transformative Visions
819 1/2 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(Also, on Friday Dec 7th "Through the Portal" at 7pm, $15)
(For details or to register visit The Center for Transformative Visions)