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I am on a mission to offer healing, transformation and empowerment:  I work with people who have unresolved pain from the past that is holding them back... I give tools to people who feel stuck and don't know how to get free... I inspire people to break through their frustrations because they are not living their truth...  In my trainings, weekend seminars and one-on-one sessions with my private clients I have found a way to help people make quick, profound and lasting changes. I offer tools and techniques which empower people to realize their dreams and live more fulfilling lives. I teach inspired proven methods for moving beyond conflicts, creating more choices, and relaxing into natural intimacy in relationships. I'm passionate about supporting my students and clients through the process of creating joyful, enriching lives.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sacred Saturday Seminars, February 2, Santa Cruz CA

 Sacred Saturday Seminars on February 2, 2013

at The Institute for Transpersonal Studies, Santa Cruz, CA

"Be the Love You Seek"

Saturday Morning, February 2, 2013     9:30-1:15 pm   $35
Using NLP, hypnosis and self inquiry we will journey to dissolve the blocks
 and allow our true nature to emerge. Are you tired of the old beliefs such as when you say to yourself, "I'm not loveable -- I'm not good enough -- Something is wrong with me?" Ready to let go of them? Join us at this seminar to learn to build internal resources of confidence and self love. Forgive yourself for judging and Love Who You Are!

"A Sacred Journey Into Your Being"

Saturday Afternoon, February 2, 2013    1:30-5:30 pm   $35
Breath Workshop
Join us for an experiential process that can release what is not You. Breathwork lifts the veils (of conditioning) so you can have a direct experience of the recognition of yourself as Spirit appearing as a human being. Give yourself the gift of basking in the Divine Radiance of your own Being with kindred Spirits.

at The Institute for Transpersonal Studies
420 Happy Valley Road, Santa Cruz, CA 95065

Please email or call 831.425.7837 if you plan to attend. Space is limited.

About Sacred Saturday Seminars:

In 2013 we will be offering "Sacred Saturday Seminars" on the first Saturday of every other month. You can come to a morning or afternoon or both. The morning will be devoted to transforming beliefs with NLP, Hypnosis and Self Inquiry. In the afternoon we will be utilizing Breath work to release our most tenuous issues and receive their gifts. As many of you have experienced, these Sacred Journeys allow our Spirits to soar!

2013 Sacred Saturday Seminars Schedule:
February 2, April 6, June 1, August 3, October 5, December 7
(First Saturday of every other month)

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