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Friday, June 7, 2013

WealthyMind Seminar Santa Cruz California

WealthyMind™ Santa Cruz, CA Seminar

WealthyMind™ Santa Cruz Seminar in 2013 is on July 27-28:

 The WealthyMind™ Santa Cruz Seminar is a two-day program that will change how you think about money, wealth and success. This is a practical skill-based program where you will learn cutting edge skills to identify and change the limiting beliefs that are holding you back! Your most important asset in achieving wealth is your mind. This incredible program shows you how to create the attitudes, behaviors and ways of thinking that deliver wealth, opportunity and happiness. The WealthyMind™ Seminar offers life changing processes to help you attract what you really want by releasing the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. By participating in the WealthyMind™ Program, you will discover exciting new ways to use your mind to create more wealth and success in your life.

The 2013 WealthyMind™ Santa Cruz Seminar is on
July 27-28, 2013

Shatter the Ceiling That Is Limiting Your Success and Go For What You Want!

Have you noticed that when you are truly congruent about achieving a goal or a dream, it seems to come easily? It is almost like the universe conspires to give it to you. When you are in conflict (even unconscious conflict) or if you are unclear about your heart's desire, creating what you want is difficult...

People who live wealthy lives do so because their beliefs about themselves and life are in alignment with their dreams. WealthyMind™ Santa Cruz Seminars are opportunities to explore and change your deeper thinking and shift your ideas about what is possible for you! To shatter the self-imposed ceilings that are limiting your success, you'll work on five areas during the WealthyMind™ Program:

  •     Identify your belief systems to unearth the important beliefs that drive your attitude
  •     and acceptance of success and wealth
  •     Learn to get closure and shed things that limit your success
  •     Discover family themes that affect your success and change them by taking action
  •     Learn a powerful "four-step belief change process" to transform any limiting beliefs
  •     Find new ways to envision and attract what you want into your life

The WealthyMind™ Santa Cruz Seminar is on July 27-28, 2013,

Directed by Rainya Dann, WealthyMind™ Facilitator
Investment is $275 per person.

Email or call us now at 831-425-7837 when you plan to attend or if you have any questions. 

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