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I am on a mission to offer healing, transformation and empowerment:  I work with people who have unresolved pain from the past that is holding them back... I give tools to people who feel stuck and don't know how to get free... I inspire people to break through their frustrations because they are not living their truth...  In my trainings, weekend seminars and one-on-one sessions with my private clients I have found a way to help people make quick, profound and lasting changes. I offer tools and techniques which empower people to realize their dreams and live more fulfilling lives. I teach inspired proven methods for moving beyond conflicts, creating more choices, and relaxing into natural intimacy in relationships. I'm passionate about supporting my students and clients through the process of creating joyful, enriching lives.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

About Hypnotherapy - and Try this Self-Hypnosis Excercise

 Why Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

  • Personal Empowerment and Spiritual Acceleration
  • Relationship Enhancement, Conflict Resolution, Divorce Issues
  • Fertility & Pregnancy Health Enrichment
  • Children's Hypnosis - Allaying Fears, Clearing Trauma, Sleeping Well
  • Adolescent Hypnosis - Test Anxiety, Procrastination, Study Habits, Goals
  • Surgery Preparation and Healing, Pain Control, Illness Problems
  • Depression and Stress Relief, Anxiety Control, Anger Management
  • Habit Redirection, Addiction Solutions i.e. Food, Smoking, Co-dependency
  • Fears and Phobias including Performance Anxiety, Flying, Criticism, Heights
  • Manifesting Goals and Visioning New Potentials

What is Hypnosis?

Contrary to common belief, Hypnosis is a very natural phenomenon of the body and mind. You naturally go into Hypnosis two times a day: as you drift off into sleep and before you awaken in the morning. In this state you hear and know what is going on, but you would rather not move. Natural states of Hypnosis can happen in other ways during your day, too. For example, ever drive on the freeway deeply absorbed in thought or music and miss your exit? That's "highway hypnosis." The hypnotic state is similar to becoming completely involved in T.V. show or a movie -- that's "T.V. hypnosis." In these examples you are in a highly suggestible state sometimes called trance.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a dynamic, empowering process of personal transformation which brings about lasting and meaningful changes in life. Through Hypnosis you will experience a state of deep physical and mental relaxation. As you relax you experience a heightened state of suggestibility with direct or indirect suggestion. This type of suggestion is a technique of communication that can bypass the analytical factor of the mind and connect with the subconscious mind. It's good to know that you can not be hypnotized to do anything against your moral or ethical code of behavior. You have a subconscious safeguard that will disregard all suggestions that you do not want to accept. The form of Hypnosis we teach at our institute ensures that the client is ultimately in control. Our philosophy is one of empowerment - YOU have the power for change and hold the answers within you. We believe that the hypnotherapist's role is to support you in discovering the rich inner resources within yourself to bring forth nourishing, lasting changes and to manifest your dreams.

Hypnosis is a gentle, yet powerful way to access buried negative feelings, beliefs, habits, imprints and old identities that no longer serve you. Traveling into the subconscious mind you recognize the old pattern, then change it at the core level, into positive, healthy choices. Giving your subconscious pictures, sounds, and feelings of what you do want to create is empowering. Your thoughts and visions shape your destiny. Hypnotherapy guides you to make peace with internal conflicts, transform doubt and fear into love, which is your true nature. When you relax, the veil lifts and you recognize what you are looking for..... you are the love you seek.

Our philosophy is to create a safe and nourishing place for you to explore the depth of your being, to accept all parts of yourself, and to remember who you truly are. If you feel ready for a shift in your inner and outer worlds, join us for a private session or workshop, or enroll in our Hypnotherapy training program.

Try this simple four-step self-hypnosis Process: "Your Inner Clock"

First, clearly define in your mind how you want to utilize this self-hypnosis process: you want to have a "power nap" (and sleep for 10 minutes), or to just release the stress of the day, or to do this before bedtime to wake up in the morning feeling great, or maybe to take a moment to envision a future goal.

Next, decide how long you intend to relax. Take 30 seconds to do the following four-step visualization then simply let yourself go into deep rest. As you do this you may want to feel the rhythm of your breath taking you deeper into relaxation. When you feel the urge to move....that's your inner alarm clock waking you up! Go ahead and sit up and stretch.

The four-step visualization process is:

1. Visualize a clock set for a particular time.
2. See and feel yourself resting very, very deeply.
3. See that same clock set for the time you want to awaken.
4. First, clearly define in your mind how you want to utilize this self-hypnosis process. You might want to have a " power nap" to release the stress of the day, or use it before going to sleep, awakening in the morning feeling great. Some people use it to access their creativity to envision a goal.

If your subconscious wants to sleep, you will. It is the bigger part of your brain. It can take practice before you are able to relax yourself. But it's worth it: research shows that 95% of illness is stress related. This is a wonderful method to release tension. As Bruce Lipton says "everything in your brain will fix everything in your body."