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I am on a mission to offer healing, transformation and empowerment:  I work with people who have unresolved pain from the past that is holding them back... I give tools to people who feel stuck and don't know how to get free... I inspire people to break through their frustrations because they are not living their truth...  In my trainings, weekend seminars and one-on-one sessions with my private clients I have found a way to help people make quick, profound and lasting changes. I offer tools and techniques which empower people to realize their dreams and live more fulfilling lives. I teach inspired proven methods for moving beyond conflicts, creating more choices, and relaxing into natural intimacy in relationships. I'm passionate about supporting my students and clients through the process of creating joyful, enriching lives.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

What is "Breathwork" and Breath Workshops

Breath Workshops are a powerful tool for transformation, healing and reconnection to the true essence of who you are. For thousands of years, mystical traditions of the world have utilized breathing techniques for healing and awakening to higher states of consciousness. The process itself is very simple and pure. A circular, connected, breathing rhythm will take you into self exploration and non-ordinary states of consciousness.

With your "Higher Self" guiding the process, each session is unique to where you are on your life's journey as old wounds, imprints, beliefs and dysfunctional patterns are released. A "transformed you" will experience the mystery of who you are. The breathing process is highly experiential and the healing wisdom will stay with you long after the day's journey.

Breath Workshops at the Institute for Transpersonal Studies in Santa Cruz, CA:

Breath Work and The Transformation Technique - Saturday, June 2
Utilizing the breath, you have an opportunity to break out of your chrysalis and uncover the amazing life you truly deserve! You will also learn the Transformation Technique, a tool you can use for the rest of your life to change the chemistry in your brain towards positive creation. Enrich and enhance your creative expression.

Breath, Energy, Ecstasy - Saturday, August 4
Awaken your passion for being in this physical embodiment. The power of the Breath, chakra attuned music, movement and deep inquiry guides you, igniting your passion and presence in your daily life's journey.

Honoring Your Higher Purpose - Saturday, September 1

Enter the sacred space to awaken the vision of your soul's purpose. Call back your power and open to the grace, ease and flow of the abundance of love. Ancient shamanistic wisdom combines with modern day healing modalities to integrate your purpose into daily life.

Check the Institute schedule to find out about more transformational events or contact Director Rainya Dann for more information about this rejuvenating experience at the the Institute for Transpersonal Studies Hypnotherapy school in Santa Cruz, California.

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